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The Long Beach Junior Lifeguard program requires all new JGs pass the LBJG swim test BEFORE registering for the summer program. The swim test involves swimming 100 yards (4 laps) in less than 2 minutes - or 100 meters in less than 2 minutes and 13.2 seconds. 

Returning Junior Guards do NOT have to complete the swim test. Returning Junior Guards are those who participated in the previous year's JG program (2023). JG's who take a year off are not considered returning, and must re-test. 

This swim test is a safety standard, and there are no exceptions. If you think your child may need some extra help before attempting the swim test, we recommend looking into our FREE JG Prep Class.

Does my child need to tryout?

Yes if they...

  • Have never been a LBJG

  • Didn't participate in summer 2023

No if they...

  • Did participate in summer 2023


Belmont Plaza Pool

Silverado Park Pool

  • Saturday February 3rd

  • Sunday, March 3rd

  • Saturday, April 13th

  • Saturday, May 11th

  • Saturday, February 17th

  • Saturday, March 23rd

  • Saturday, April 6th

  • Saturday, April 27th

  • Saturday, May 25th

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