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  • What steps should I take to become a JG?
  • What is the cost of the program?
    The cost of the 2024 Program will be $555 per junior lifeguard. Scholarships are available through the City of Long Beach to those who qualify. Please contact us at for more information.
  • Are there scholarship opportunities available?
    Yes, we offer full and partial scholarships based on household income. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship please email
  • What is the program's refund policy?
    We issue full refunds of $545 (there is a $10 non-refundable processing fee), but we do not issue refunds for the AAU insurance. The last day to request a refund is Friday, June 28th (Friday of the first week of the summer program). You can send an email to and we will reach out to Parks & Rec to issue the refund. The refund will be credited to the card used to pay for the program.
  • What are the tryout requirements?
    Prospective JGs must swim 100 yards (4 laps in a standard sized pool) in under 2 minutes. If the pool is 25 METERS, the time standard is 100 METERS in under 2 minutes and 13.2 seconds. You must pass the swim test BEFORE registering for the program.
  • Can my child tryout again if he/she does not make it on his/her first try?
    YES! We allow 3 attempts at each tryout, but even if you don't make it after 3, you are more than welcome to attend the next scheduled tryout! Our instructors are happy to provide coaching on ways to improve.
  • My child passed the swim test and participated in the Junior Lifeguard Program last summer, do they need to tryout again to participate this summer?
    No, if your child passed the swim test and participated in the program in 2023 they DO NOT need to tryout again. When summer registration opens, you're able to register them without having to attend a tryout. However, if your child has not participated in the program before or took a year off of the program (e.g., due to traveling, injury, etc.) they will need to tryout again in order to register.
  • Does my child need to attend a tryout?
    YES, if..... They have NEVER participated in the LBJG Summer Program in the past They tried out in 2023, but did not participate in the Summer Program If they participated in the program in the past but skipped 2023 NO, if... They participated in the Long Beach Junior Lifeguard Program in 2023
  • When are the registration deadlines?
    There are three separate registration deadlines. Please see below: April 19th, 2024: Priority Registration (JGs that participated in 2023) April 28th, 2024: Morning Lottery Registration May 26th, 2024: Last Chance Registration
  • What is the difference between Priority registration and Lottery registration?
    Due to the high demand for our morning session, we have a strict policy for the selection of the morning group through Priority Registration and Lottery Registration. Priority Registration: RETURNING Junior Lifeguards are given priority for the selection of their preferred session but MUST submit registration packets by the designated registration deadline. Lottery Registration: All other junior lifeguards (including returning JGs that have NOT submitted registration by the priority deadline) who would like to be in the morning session will be placed in a lottery to determine which session they will be in. To be placed in the morning lottery, registration packets but be submitted by the Lottery Deadline as the lottery will be taking place shortly after. Families will be notified of their session placement via email.
  • I have one child who is a returning JG and one child who will be new to the program this year, do both of my children qualify for priority registration?
    No. Only your returning JG qualifies for priority registration and ONLY if their registration packet is submitted by the priority registration deadline. Your child who will be participating for the first time this year will be entered into the lottery for session preference.
  • Are uniforms included in the program cost?
    The program fee includes one t-shirt and one pair of swim trunks. If you would like to purchase additional uniform items you will need to pay for those separately. We highly recommend purchasing additional uniform items before the summer program. The link to our online store will be available before the 2024 summer program begins.
  • My child is young/old for their grade and we would like to move them down/up to a different age group (age group change request). Is this possible?
    Yes for returning JGs, but you need to be sure we are informed by email before whichever registration deadline applies to your child. For new JGs, you are encouraged to remain in your true age group.
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