2020 JG TEAM

Trevor Wawrzynski

Junior Lifeguard Coordinator

Marine Safety Officer (MSO) Trevor Wawrzynski is the 2021 Long Beach Junior Lifeguard Coordinator. MSO Wawrzynski has been with the Division for nine years, and has twenty-one years of lifeguarding experience. He is also a rescue diver and a member of the Swiftwater team for the city of Long Beach. Trevor is a Los Alamitos High School and Long Beach State graduate with a degree in Communications. MSO Wawrzynski has passion for coaching and sports development. He was the Founder & Director/Head Coach of United Water Polo Club from 2007-2013. As the Director/Head Coach, MSO Wawrzynski coached hundreds of athletes ages 5-18 years old, along with nine National Championships. He is looking forward to sharing his passion and experience of youth development and ocean safety with the Junior Lifeguard program.

Devon Beebe

Junior Lifeguard Assistant Coordinator

Hi, I'm Devon Beebe. This will be my 8th summer as a Long Beach Lifeguard, and my 6th summer with the Junior Lifeguard Program. After four years as instructor, I am so excited to be back with the program for my second summer as the Assistant Coordinator. I was born and raised here in Long Beach, where I grew up swimming and playing water polo. I am a graduate of Wilson High School and UC Berkeley, with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. While lifeguarding started out as just a summer job, it's become something that I've become very passionate about, and I am working towards making it into a career. In winter of 2019, I was given the opportunity to travel to New Zealand for a 6 week lifeguard exchange, where I was able to learn about different lifesaving techniques, practices, and equipment. I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for surf lifesaving and ocean safety, and having a fun summer with the kids!

Spencer Allen

B Group Instructor

Aloha! My name is Spencer Allen. This is my 6th summer as a lifeguard and my 3rd summer as a JG Instructor. I was in the junior guard program for 5 summers growing up, this program is the highlight of my summer, and I enjoy being able to be a part of it every year! I graduated from Long Beach Wilson High School in 2016, where I swam and played water polo all four years. I then played water polo at the University of Redlands, where I obtained a bachelor's of science in sustainable business, graduating in 2020. I am currently coaching for the Wilson Water Polo program. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of ocean safety and the marine environment with the junior guards. Super stoked for another summer of active fun!

Valerie Conti

C Group Instructor

Hi, my name Valerie Conti. This will be my sixth summer lifeguarding and my fourth year as a JG instructor. I am currently attending CSULB and will be graduating next year with a B.S. in accounting. I have lived in Long Beach my whole life; I am a Wilson High School alumni and swam varsity my four years there. When I’m not on the beach, I enjoy running, swimming, skiing, and cooking. While I never was a junior lifeguard myself, the past years I spent with the program showed me how much this program positively impacts the kids and how fun the program is! I’m looking forward to another great summer!!

PJ DeSoto

C Group Instructor

Hi everyone! My name is PJ DeSoto. I am a San Diego State University graduate, and I'm currently working on my own business revolving around apparel design. I love just about an aquatic activity like surfing, paddling, diving, and jumping off high stuff. I live down in San Diego during the year but have been coming back to Long Beach for the past couple of years because I just love the LBJG program so much. I look forward to another epic summer full of sand and salt! See you all soon :)


Sam Dupray

B Group Instructor

I have been a Long Beach Lifeguard for 13 summers and 6 summers as a JG instructor. I’m a stay-at-home mom raising two rambunctious little boys ages 2 and 3. Our days are spent swimming, mountain biking, camping, and dressing up as their favorite superheroes. I am passionate about sharing my love for the ocean with junior guards and helping them to establish the foundations for a positive lifelong relationship with the water. Looking forward to a very fun summer full of sun, sand, and saltwater!


Jake Edelstein 

Cadet Instructor

After eight years as a Junior Lifeguard, I became a Long Beach Lifeguard in the summer of 2010. I credit my time in the JG program with teaching me to be safe on the beach and in the ocean and inspiring me to become a lifeguard. I am thrilled to be returning this year for my seventh summer as a Junior Lifeguard Instructor and my 12th summer as a Long Beach Lifeguard. During the year, I work as a translator and a teacher; I am also a musician and a surfer. I am really looking forward to another great summer!

Brenden Gruneisen 

B Group Instructor

Hello everyone! My name is Brenden Gruneisen, and I was born and raised here in Long Beach. I was a Junior Lifeguard for 6 years, and I am so grateful for everything the program taught me about ocean safety, fitness, and leadership. I graduated from Wilson High School in 2013. I received a Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of Oregon in 2018, and I just received my Master's in Education from National University. I plan on becoming a history teacher and swim coach during the school year and continuing to work as a lifeguard during the summer. This will be my 10th year as a Long Beach Lifeguard and my 7th year as a Junior Lifeguard Instructor. I am looking forward to another amazing summer out on the beach!

Paige Gurich 

A Group Instructor

Hello all! My name is Paige Gurich and I was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. I graduated from Wilson High School in 2017 where I played varsity water polo and was a four-year varsity swimmer as well as a two-year captain for the team. I recently graduated from Chapman University with my BA in Psychology. Currently, I am continuing my education and will be receiving my MA in Leadership Development from Chapman in the spring of 2022. Growing up I was a Junior Guard for seven summers where I grew passionate about life saving, surf racing, and having safe fun at the beach. As a sixth year lifeguard and fourth year instructor, I am excited to continue to share my love and knowledge with the members of the Junior Guard community. I am looking forward to a great summer out on the beach!

Maggie Mathis

B Group Instructor

My name is Maggie Mathis and this will be my second year as a junior lifeguard instructor. I played varsity waterpolo at Wilson for four years and am now pursuing a bachelors degree at the University of Hawaii at Manōa in Marine Biology. While living on Oahu is amazing, I am excited to come home every summer and contribute to a program that has inspired so much of my life. I am passionate about protecting the ocean and our beaches. I am excited for another fun summer!

Emily Paz

B Group Instructor

Bio coming soon!

Alan Peoples

C Group Instructor

My name is Alan, and I am a 6th year Long Beach Lifeguard and 1st year JG instructor.  I was born and raised in Long Beach, where I played water polo for Shore Aquatics and sailed at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club.  I am a graduate of Wilson High School and UC Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  I am also a member of the UCSB Men’s Water Polo team.  I am a former Long Beach JG myself, and I am very excited to be involved in the LBJG program as an instructor.

Jeremy Rocha 

C Group Instructor

Hello, my name is Jeremy Rocha. I'm a six-year lifeguard with the department and have spent the last three years with the Junior Guard program. I am a graduate of the University of La Verne and love spending time expressing myself artistically(I recently picked up sewing). As of March, I became an official resident of Long Beach. I am now living much closer to work than before. I plan to ride my bike to work every day. I cannot wait for another epic year of teaching Junior guards to be safer and confident within the ocean.

Mia Tedesco 

C Group Instructor

My name is Mia Tedesco, and I am going into my 5th summer as a Long Beach Lifeguard. I worked at 55th the past two summers and am so excited to be an instructor this year! I was a junior lifeguard for 7 years and was in the first class of Cadets. I was a swimmer for the University of Hawaii, from which I graduated this spring! I am really looking forward to having a great summer as a Junior lifeguard instructor! 

Abbey Vince 

C Group Instructor

 Hello, my name is Abbey Vince. This will be my fourth summer as a Long Beach Lifeguard and my first summer as a Junior Lifeguard instructor. After three summers working on the beach, I am super excited to take everything I’ve learned about the beach and lifeguarding and apply it to teaching the jr. lifeguards while having some fun in the process. I have lived my whole life in Long Beach and spent the majority of my time in the ocean while growing up, whether it be swimming, surfing, training, or just having some fun with friends. I was a junior lifeguard for six years and have competed in competitive triathlons for the past fourteen years. I am a graduate of St. Anthony’s High School and American University in Washington, DC. I can’t wait to have some fun in the sun this summer, running and swimming around Long Beach with the kiddos! I look forward to meeting all of you on the beach!

Mike Wanmer

A Group Instructor

Bio coming soon!