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Cadets are junior lifeguards ages 15-17 who demonstrate leadership, strong physical abilities, and are interested in becoming Long Beach lifeguards or pursuing another career in public service. Cadets receive higher levels of training in first aid and rescue techniques, shadow Long Beach lifeguards, and assist instructors as needed. The goal of the Cadet Program is to foster leadership skills while preparing individuals for future careers as lifeguards or other forms of public service. 

LBUSD students with at least one year of cadet experience are eligible to apply for the LBUSD Cadet Internship program. 

How to Become a Cadet
  • ​​Candidates must complete both events within a certain time frame in order to be eligible for the interview process.

  • Interviews will take place following the physical tryout

  • Be at least 15 years old by July 1st, 2024

  • Submit a resume

  • Attend a physical tryout and formal interview (Tryout information below)

  • No prior training or Junior Guard experience is required

Tryout Info
  • Date: TBA

  • Time: TBA

  • Location: TBA

*Dates and time will be announced in Jan 2024

Tryout Schedule
  1. Check-in

    • Picture ID required (school ID/Driver's Liscense​)

    • Upon checking in, applicants will be asked to submit resume and fill out an application form

  2. Briefing​

  3. 1,000 yard swim

  4. Run-Swim-Run

  5. Debrief

cadet calendar.jpg
Any questions regarding the Cadet Program, please email
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