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Please use the buttons below to report absences. You can use the same google form to fill out multiple absences. Absences sent over email will not be recorded. If your child is running late or needs to leave early, they must bring a note to be submitted to their instructor.

If your JG needs to leave early, please send them with a note specifying what time they need to be picked up. Your JG should give their early release note directly to their instructor at the beginning of the session. Advanced notice is required because there are occasions when Instructors plan activities away from the station. On those days, arrangements need to be made for early release requests before the Instructor takes their group to their designated area.


Please be aware of the following considerations regarding Early Release:

  • If your JG's Instructor has scheduled activities away from JG HQ, and your JG needs to be picked up early, your JG may be asked to stay with another group or may be on standby at the JG station.

  • If the JG instructor / JG team is not made aware of the early release request at the appropriate time, your JG may not be ready for pick up at the requested time.

  • Early release requests made over the phone or email are not guaranteed.

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