JG Uniform Policy

  • All Junior Lifeguards are required to arrive in full uniform each day.

    • Uniform includes: JG issued navy trunks, JG t-shirt and/or LBJG sweatshirt​.

    • No other outerwear is approved to be worn during the program.

    • All Junior Lifeguards must arrive each day in their JG issued trunks and t-shirt.

  • When a JG is in uniform, they are highly visible within the community and should act as proper, respectful representatives of the Marine Safety Division. This also applies outside of program hours and when transitioning to and from the program.

Boys' Swimsuits

  • When going in the water, boy's may choose to wear JG issued trunks, or a well-fitted, competitive style suit.

  • Common styles include speedos and/or jammers (to be worn under JG uniform trunks).

  • If wearing a speedo or jammers under trunks, solid navy blue is highly preferred.

Girls' Swimsuits 

  • LBJGs does not sell any one or two-piece swimsuits. We recommend a well-fitted, competitive style, one or two-piece swimsuit (solid navy blue is highly preferred). Any brand is acceptable, however the suit must be full coverage. Our paid lifeguards are issued JOLYN suits.

  • If purchasing from JOLYN:

    • Recommended bottoms include, but are not limited to: AndyAlly, or Bali.

    • Recommended tops include, but are not limited to: RyanTomcat and Heidi. Both fixed and tie-back are permitted.

    • Recommended one-pieces include but are not limited to: Chevy, Brandon, and Jackson

  • JOLYN suits can be ordered online or at the JOLYN HQ Flagship Store (150 5th St #100, Huntington Beach, CA 92648).

Sun Protection

  • Rashguards: We encourage JGs to wear rashguards whenever possible. They are helpful for JGs to keep in their bags for paddle board days (help prevent rashes from the boards) and provide excellent sun protection! If your JG will be wearing a rashguard while swimming, we recommend a tighter fit to reduce drag in the water. 

    • LBJG rash guards are available to purchase on our online store (more information below). If you prefer your own rashguard, please note that red is highly preferred. 

  • Hats: JG hats will be available to purchase this summer, but if you prefer to wear your own please note that navy hats are highly preferred.

Additional Uniform Orders
  • If you are interested in purchasing additional uniform items (extra trunks, sweatshirt, etc.) you can do so on our online Square site. We will post the link here once we have updated the inventory.
  • Please read the following before you place any orders: 
    • IMPORTANT!! In the "Additional Notes to the Merchant" section, please write the name of the JG the order is for. If your order is for multiple JGs, please include all names.
    • Do not go to Long Beach Fire Headquarters (3205 N Lakewood Blvd.) to pick up your uniform items.
    • We do not offer shipping - any items that you purchase will have to be picked up during the designated Uniform Pick Up days in June (exact dates TBA) or during the 6 week summer program​.
  • NEW: We will be moving all of our sales online via Square this summer. This means that if you want to make any purchases DURING the 6-week summer program, you will need to do the following:
    • Place the order online via Square
    • Print the receipt and give it to your JG
    • The JG will then show the receipt to their instructor during their session and will be able to pick up their item(s)
    • We will not be able to accept cash for any purchases

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