Junior Guard Prep Class

The JG Prep Class is an opportunity for prospective new JGs to improve their swimming stroke and speed. The class is taught by LBJG Instructors. The goal is to swim 100 yards in under two minutes (or 100 meters in under 2:13.2). This is the time standard for entrance into the JG summer program. Swimming is an important part of lifeguarding and as such, swimming is also an important part of our junior lifeguard program. We want all our junior guards to feel comfortable and strong in the water. The safety of our JGs is our top priority. The prep class is an opportunity to cast a wider net for our JG program and bring more kids into the program who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate.

REMINDER: To be eligible for participation in the Prep Class, your child must have not participated in the Long Beach JG program in the past AND meet the age requirements for the 2021 JG program: Ages 9-17 as of July 1st, 2021.

The JG Prep Class is being offered for FREE. Registration is required for staffing purposes. Please check back at a later date for the link to register for the 2022 Prep Class.


  • WHAT TO BRING: A towel, goggles, swim cap, and swim suit. Please have your child already in their swim suit, or use the locker room facilities to change. There is no changing allowed on the pool deck, you must use the locker room.

  • WHO TO LOOK FOR: A Lead JG Instructor will be onsite at every prep class, please be sure to check in with this Lead JG Instructor at the beginning of each class.

  • ABSENCES: If you know your child is going to be absent from prep class, please send an email to LBJG@longbeach.gov with your child's name and the date of their absence.