Welcome Picnic

This is a fun event for new JGs and their family to come and meet the instructors before the program starts. Be prepared for a day of snow cones and fun games! The location is Marina Vista Park, and make sure to pack  a lunch and some chairs.

Regional Runoffs

This day is full of friendly competitive ocean sports, sand games, and races that your JGs will be able to participate in. Each group will compete with the rest of their age. Runoffs will be an all day event and JG’s are encouraged to pack snacks, water, towels, and sunscreen. This event also determines who from each group will go on to Junior Lifeguard Regionals and compete with other California Junior Lifeguards along the coast.

Roger Coulter Intercrew Relay

To honor the legacy of Long Beach Lifeguard legend, Roger Coulter, the Relay is held as a kickoff summer event that showcases the physical abilities of our lifeguards. The event highlights the best athletes from the following areas: West Beach, East Beach, Marina Park/Rescue Boats, and Ancient Mariners (Guards over 35 who don’t have a summer schedule).  While this event is only for our Lifeguard and Cadet competitors, everyone is encouraged to come and cheer on Long Beach!

A’s Beach Day Seal Beach


The A groups and their instructors will take JG program surfboards down from 55th to 72nd and surf at the San Gabriel . JGs and their instructors will cross over the Getty to get to the San Gabriel River. Normal pick up and drop off times and location scheduled for this day.

Marine Stadium Extravaganza 


This event is for the B and C groups at Junior Guards, and is a day to enjoy Long Beach’s Marine Stadium. Provided are games, snowcones, paddleboards and boogie-boards, kayaks, and inflatable slides and obstacle courses.The address is 5255 E Paoli Way. Hours will not change and cotton candy will be provided, but make sure to bring lots of sunscreen and a snack.

Junior Lifeguard Regionals


Regionals is a great way for Junior Guards to represent Long Beach in a friendly competition with other Southern California Junior Lifeguard Programs. Regional Runoffs will take place July 8th in which we will select who has been chosen to compete. Buses will be there in the morning to take contestants Carpinteria if needed, and the end of the day will depend on which events they are signed up for. Make sure to bring lots of water and plenty of nutritious foods as well as a towel for a day of friendly competition!

First Day of Guards

It’s the day we’ve all been looking forward to! All the JGs will run down to Junior Lifeguard Headquarters and be assigned with their instructor/group for the summer. There will be a presentation held by either the captain or chief, so if parents have questions, feel free to come down with your JG. Afterwards, groups will disperse and continue their own separate agendas. Make sure your JG brings sunscreen, a towel, snacks, water, and a bag to carry everyday!

Bike Day

All groups will participate in a day of riding their bikes down the beach with their instructor. JGs will ride down to Shoreline . JGs will need to have and wear a helmet at all times when riding. JGs will be under supervision by their instructor , and walk around Shoreline. They will be allowed to shop and enjoy some food if wished( provided with money from their guardians). Hours won’t change and shall arrive before it’s time to be picked up as usual. Make sure to pack some water, snacks, and money!

Bolsa Chica Surf Trip

Groups A and B, and Cadets, will be provided transportation under instructor supervision. Buses for the morning/afternoon sessions leave at 9:00am from 54th Pl and Ocean Blvd and return at 4:00pm. Please have your child there at 8:30. It will be a beach day of just body boards, surfing, and hanging out with friends. For a typical beach day, it is encouraged to pack essentials such as sunscreen, towels, clothes, lunch, and snacks. We will take JG program surf and bodyboards for everyone. We don’t allow our JGs to bring their personal equipment, as there is no room for it on the bus.

Buoy - A - Thon


The Buoy - A - Thon is the Long Beach JG’s #1 fundraising tool. Not only is it a highly strenuous physical event, but it is also an easy way for the Junior Guard to contribute to the overall well being of the program itself.  The funds collected from this event help to defray costs of the program as well as pay for field trips, trophies, party and banquet supplies. Make sure to complete your Buoy - A - Thon pledge sheet with names of those willing to donate and turn it in to your instructor. 

Catalina Trip 


The Catalina Trip is a yearly favorite of the A’s. The groups will be taken over to Catalina on the Cee Ray boat, and will spend the day diving and exploring. A limited amount of snorkels are provided, so if your child has one or would like to purchase one it is encouraged. We will be providing breakfast but JG’s should bring lunch for the day. Boarding will start at 6:00 and the boat will return at 5:00pm.

Last Day/Awards Banquet 


At El Dorado Park, under the outdoor stage by the duck pond, there will be an awards ceremony for all the Junior Lifeguards. Family and friends are welcomed to come join this event and celebrate our JG’s accomplishments from the summer. Instructors from each group will acknowledge those who demonstrated excellence and sportsmanship throughout the summer, and it’s an excellent way for everyone to end their summer together. It is highly encouraged to bring chairs and blankets. Food and drinks will be provided from Deli News Pizza.

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