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This is a fun event for new (and returning) JG Families to come and meet the JG Team before the program startsStay awhile and picnic in the park, or just stop by and say hi! The JG Team will be answering questions about the summer program, selling JG LIFE apparel, and setting up some fun games for the JGs! Picnic location and details will be sent out to the JG families via email.

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FIRST DAY of JGs! (June 24th)

It’s the day we’ve all been looking forward to!  JGs are dropped off at Claremont & Ocean, and run down to be greeted by their instructors at JG Headquarters!  JG Team members will have a booth set up near the drop off location, ready to answer any questions!  Make sure your JG brings sunscreen, a towel, snacks, water, and a bag to carry everyday!


To honor the legacy of Long Beach Lifeguard legend, Roger Coulter, this Intercrew Relay is held as a kickoff summer event that showcases the physical abilities of our lifeguards and JG Cadets.


The event hosts teams from the following areas: West Beach, East Beach, Stillwater, and more recently, a JG Cadet team.  While this event is only for our Lifeguard and Cadet competitors, everyone is encouraged to come and cheer on each team! 

Photo to the right is one of the paddlers from the 2023 event!


Long Beach JG Classic (July 9th)

This day is full of friendly competition for everyone! Each Junior Guard will compete in at least 3 events with those in their respective age group. Run-offs will be an all day event (10AM-3PM) and all JGs are encouraged to participate! We ask that everyone pack extra snacks, lunch, and water on this day. 

Instructors use the run-offs results to determine who qualifies for the LBJG Regionals Competition Team! The Regionals Competition is an event that takes place each summer with other Junior Guards from up and down the coast. Regionals events include swimming, paddling, running, flags, and relays! 

Swim Long Beach/BUOY-A-THON (July 23rd)

The Buoy - A - Thon is one of the JG program's FUNdraising tools! Not only is it a challenging physical event, but it is also an easy way for JGs to contribute to the overall well being of the program itself!


JGs have exactly one hour to swim as many buoys as they can! Instructors will keep track of their buoys as they swim. Parents are also welcome to cheer on participants from the sand!


Make sure to complete your Buoy - A - Thon pledge sheet with names of those willing to donate and turn it in to your instructor before the deadline! 



CSLSA Regionals is a great way for Junior Guards to represent Long Beach in a friendly competition with other California Junior Lifeguard Programs. The Regionals Team is decided upon from the Regional Run-Offs results. 

Even though some JGs will be away competing on this day, this is still a normal session day for those who aren't going to Regionals. However, everyone is welcome to show up and cheer for their team!


Regionals for summer 2024 will take place at Newport Beach. More information will be provided to competitors as we get closer to the competition date. 

CATALINA TRIP (July 16 & 17th)

The Catalina Trip is a yearly favorite of the A group and Cadets. The groups will be taken over to Catalina on the Catalina Express. JGs will spend the day free-diving, snorkeling, and exploring. A limited amount of masks and snorkels are provided, so if your child has their own, they are encouraged to bring it. JG’s should bring lunch and some snacks for the day. This is a full day event (6AM-5PM) and more details will be provided as we get closer to the scheduled date.


PIER JUMP FUNDRAISER (July 11th & 12th)

The Pier Jump Fundraiser is one of the biggest JG events of the summer! ALL JGs will have the opportunity to make the jump, but JG family members, siblings, and friends (over the age of 18) can donate to jump off Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier WITH their Junior Guard! 

There are 3 separate donation tiers available:

  • $25: 1 jump with your JG!

  • $50: 1 jump with your JG, & 2 Pier Jump shirts!

  • $100: 1 jump with your JG, 2 Pier Jump shirts, & photo/video footage of the jump!

For more information visit the "Pier Jump" page of the JG website​

IRONGUARD (July 30th)

Each year, the final week of the LBJG program is marked by this challenging event! JGs, parents and swimming enthusiasts alike gather at 1st Place and race all the way to the end of the sand at 72nd Place on the Peninsula. The course consists of four miles of running and two miles of swimming. Participants swim around 14 buoys, one at each lifeguard tower, plus all the way around the pier and run the distances in between.


Participants who complete the race in under 2 hours will receive an event hat. A perpetual trophy for the boys & girls top finishers of the A, B and C divisions respectively was created in 2009. 

This is NOT a regular session day - participants are clear to go home once they finish the event. 

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