The JG Team is happy to announce the third year of the Pier Jump Fundraiser! We hope everyone is looking forward to taking the leap with their Junior Guard(s)! Donations to the Pier Jump Fundraiser will go towards the Long Beach Junior Lifeguard nonprofit, a partner of the Long Beach Fire Department Junior Lifeguard Program. The nonprofit provides support to the JG program in the way of scholarships, additional equipment, and supplies!

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  • ALL Junior Lifeguards will have the opportunity to jump off of the pier on their designated day, even if a family member doesn't donate to jump with them.

  • Parents or a sibling/relative/friend (over the age of 18) can donate to make memories and jump with their Junior Guard! This is the only time jumping from the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier is allowed!

    • ALL participants are required to pass a "swim test" prior to jumping​

    • More information on the swim test will be available soon

  • Pier Jumps are now higher than ever! One of our JG Families donated specially made platforms that will allow participants to jump from the height of the pier railing. These platforms have stairs and a handrail that make it much easier to make the jump!



A/B Group- Thursday, July 28th

AM Jump Times

  • 9:00am- Mia's Group

  • 9:20am-Max's Group

  • 9:40am- Amanda's Group

  • 10:00am- Brenden's Group

  • 10:20am- Zoe's Group

  • 10:40am- Scott's Group

  • 11:00am-All A Groups

PM Jump Times

  • 1:00pm- Mia's Group

  • 1:20pm- Max's Group

  • 1:40pm- Amanda's Group

  • 2:00pm- Brenden's Group

  • 2:20pm- Zoe's Group

  • 2:40pm- Scott's Group

  • 3:00pm- All A Groups


    • A/B Group: Thursday, July 28th

    • C Group: Friday, July 29th

  • TIME: Each group will be given a designated time slot. This is a regular session day so morning groups will jump between 9:00AM-12:00PM and afternoon groups will jump between 1:00-4:00PM


    • Participants will check-in at Termino Lifeguard Tower

    • Limited street parking is available, or metered parking in the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier Parking Lot (3998 East Allin St, Long Beach, CA 90803

    • EVERYONE will be dropped off and picked up from Termino on these dates (7/28 & 7/29)

C Group- Friday, July 29th

AM Jump Times

  • 9:00am- Paige's Group

  • 9:25am-Brooke's Group

  • 9:50am- Hanna's Group

  • 10:15am- Abbey's Group

  • 10:40am- Alex's Group

  • 11:05am- Ella's Group

PM Jump Times

  • 1:00pm- Paige's Group

  • 1:25pm- Brooke's Group

  • 1:50pm- Hanna's Group

  • 2:15pm- Abbey's Group

  • 2:40pm- Alex's Group

  • 3:05pm- Ella's Group

*Times listed above are for participant CHECK-IN/SWIM TEST*
All JGs should be dropped off at the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier at their normal session time (9am/1pm) despite scheduled jump time.


  • Three donation tiers:

    • $25: 1 jump with your Junior Guard!

    • $50: 1 jump with your Junior Guard, AND a Pier Jump t-shirt for yourself & your JG!

    • $100: 1 jump with your Junior Guard, a Pier Jump t-shirt for yourself & your JG, AND photo/video footage of the jump!

      • Pier Jump shirts will also be available to purchase for $20 each.

  • Donations are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

  • Sign-ups for each group will close the day before their respective Pier Jump Day at 8:00AM

  • If you have multiple children in a single age group, you will be able to jump together. Those who have Junior Guards in multiple age groups will have to make separate donations AND participate in the swim test each day. 



  • SAFETY is number one. There will be water support from additional lifeguards, Junior Lifeguard Cadets, and Long Beach Lifeguard Marine Safety Staff

  • Spectators will be asked to remain behind the designated coned area to allow enough space for participants and the JG Team

  • We recommend having your Junior Guard stay for the full session on this day, as they will not be bringing their personal belongings with them to the pier. 

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