Program cost:

  • $510. Scholarships are available through the City of Long Beach to those who qualify. Please contact us for more information.

Important Dates:

  • Registration open: February 2022 (exact date TBA)

  • Returning JG priority registration deadline: TBA

  • New JG requesting the MORNING SESSION (via lottery system) deadline: TBA

  • Final deadline for all others: TBA

How to Register:

  • All registration now takes place online with our partners LB Parks & Recreation

  • To register your Junior Lifeguard for the 2021 Summer Program, please click this link.

  • Registration is per JG. Families with multiple JGs will need to register multiple times, one for each JG

  • JGs interested in the Cadet program should register as A's

Returning Junior Guards:

  • Returning Junior Guards are JGs who participated in the previous year's JG program. JG's who take a year off are not considered returning JGs. Returning JGs are not required to try out again. 

*As of July 1st, 2022.

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Lottery Policy (UPDATED)

Due to the high demand for our morning session, we have a strict policy for the selection of the morning group. Returning Junior Lifeguards are given priority registration if their registration packets are submitted by the deadline stated in the registration packet. All other JGs who would like to be in the morning session will be placed in a lottery to determine which session they will be in. The lottery will take place as soon as possible after the registration deadline, and families will be notified of their placement via mail.

For families who have multiple children in the lottery pool, the family will be entered in as one (1) lottery name rather than separate name entries for each individual child.  For example, the Smith Family has 2 children who will be participating in the 2021 JG program for the first time. One child is in the B group and the other is in the C group.  Both children will be placed in the lottery pool as one entry (i.e. Smith Family).  If the Smith Family is chosen for the  morning session then both children will be placed in morning session groups despite being in two different age groups.  If the Smith Family does not get selected for the morning session, both children will be placed in afternoon groups.