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Cadet Tryout 2024

JG families,

The JG team is happy to announce we will be holding tryouts for the 2024 Cadet Program on Sunday, March 17th at 1 pm. Tryouts will be located at Long Beach Lifeguard Beach Operations. The Cadet tryout will be taking place on the same day as the Long Beach Lifeguard tryout - allowing prospective Cadets to experience exactly what the Lifeguard Tryout entails. Below is more information on the Cadet Program and the tryout process. 

Cadet Program Details:

Cadets are Junior Lifeguards between 15-17 years of age (as of July 1, 2024) who receive high levels of training throughout the program, shadow lifeguards, and assist instructors. The goal of the Cadet Program is to foster leadership skills while preparing individuals for future careers as lifeguards and other forms of public service.

Cadet Tryout Info:

The Cadet tryout is reflective of the Long Beach Lifeguard tryout process, including the same events and courses as well as the same check-in process. If you are interested in attending a tryout, please fill out and submit the Google form below to confirm your attendance by MONDAY, MARCH 11th. 


Tryout Details

  • Date: Sunday, March 17th, 2024

  • Time: 1 PM Check-in

  • Location: 2100 E Ocean Blvd

Tryout Schedule

  • 1 pm Check-in

  • Picture ID required (school ID or Driver's License

  • Upon Checking in, applicants will be asked to submit a resume and fill out an application form

  • 1:30 pm Briefing

  • 2:00 pm 1,000-yard Ocean Swim

  • 2:30 pm Run-Swim-Run

  • 3:00 pm Debrief

*Times are subject to change


Those who qualify will be sent an email with more information about their interview (scheduled for late March). You can also find additional information on our website at

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,

The LBJG Team


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