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2024 JG Registration

Updated: Feb 1

Registration for the 2024 Long Beach Junior Lifeguard program opens in 2 WEEKS!

We are so excited about another summer on the beach and hope that you will be joining us! We have once again partnered with LB Parks and Recreation to provide online registration for our Junior Lifeguard Program. Keep reading for important registration information for the upcoming summer of 2024.


Important Dates

  • Registration opens February 1st, 2024

  • Registration link will be posted on the home page of the JG website

  • Deadlines for registration:

  • April 19th: Returning Junior Lifeguard Priority Registration

  • April 26th: New Junior Lifeguard Deadline for Morning Session Lottery

  • May 26th: Final Deadline for all Junior Lifeguards

  • June 28th: Deadline for refunds ($10 charge for all refunds)


Does my child need to tryout?

Yes if they...

  • Have never been a LBJG

  • Didn't participate in summer 2023

No if they...

  • Did participate in summer 2023


For NEW Junior Lifeguards- please do not register until you have successfully passed the Junior Lifeguard Tryout. We will be cross-referencing registrations with our tryout rosters. Please keep an eye out for more Tryout information coming soon!

Registration includes one JG shirt and a pair of trunks. If you are interested in purchasing additional items (sweatshirt, extra trunks, etc.) we recommend purchasing BEFORE the summer program begins. We will send a link to our online store in the upcoming weeks.

  • If you’re experiencing technical difficulties with online registration, please email us at


How to Register: (NEW JGs cannot register until they have passed the tryout)

We have included the instructions for how to register below just in case you need it for reference. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. Can’t wait to see you this summer!

  1. Visit the LB RecConnect website at

  2. You may already have an account for your family, if so simply log in and move on to step 3. If you do not have an account, click “Create an account.”

  3. You will be directed to create an account for your family. The first information you should enter should be the PARENT information.

  4. Input your information as directed. Once all the information is entered select the option Create account and add family member

  5. Enter the information for your child, and then click Create account”. If you have more than one child to register continue to use the “Create account and add family member” option as needed.

  6. If you have any difficulty creating an account, this YouTube video helps to explain the process:

  7. Once you have created an account, you can click on the Activities button and search “LBFD Junior Lifeguard Program.” The link to the registration page will be available on our website at

  8. There will be separate registration options for the A, B, C, and Cadet Groups. Please be sure to select the appropriate group for your child.

  9. Once you have selected the correct age group for your child, the first question will be “Who will be participating in this Activity?” Select your child’s name from the drop down menu, then click next.

  10. The next page requests the basic information required for registration, once you have completed this page, select next. It will not allow you to move on to the next page until the information is complete.

  11. The next page will display the total price you owe. If you only have one child to register, select “Proceed to shopping cart” and continue to step 8 below.

  12. If you have another child in the SAME age group, select “Register Another Participant for this Activity” and you will be directed back to the start. Once you have completed the process for each child click “Proceed to Shopping Cart” and go to step 8 on this instruction page.

  13. If you have another child in a DIFFERENT age group, select “Add to Cart and Continue Shopping.” Again, you will search “LBFD Junior Lifeguard Program” and select the appropriate age group for your next child. Then you will start the process again. Once you have completed the process for each child click “Proceed to Shopping Cart” and go to step 8 on this instruction page.

  14. The system will only allow you to register your child for the age group that matches their age.

  15. The next page is simply an opportunity to make any changes needed and review your order. If everything is correct, select Proceed to Checkout

  16. Please review the two waivers on the next page and initial in the box provided. Then check the box stating, “I acknowledge that I have carefully reviewed and consent to the waiver set forth above” and click next.

  17. Complete the payment information then select Pay and Finish.”

  18. The final step to complete your registration is to sign up for your AAU membership. Just like last year, this is to be completed online. You can find the instructions for AAU online registration at our website at

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