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2024 JG Prep Class

Updated: Jan 4

Hello JG families!

Do you know someone interested in joining the Long Beach Junior Lifeguard program, but feeling nervous about passing the swim test? Prep Class is a great opportunity for prospective new JGs to improve their swimming stroke, speed, and confidence in the water. Registration for the first block of 2024 JG Prep Class opens on Tuesday, January 2nd. Please help us spread the word! Details are included below.

  • Who? Prospective Junior Guards who are not already in regular swim practices

  • COST: Free

  • DATES: Every Tuesday & Thursday

  • SESSIONS: 5 sessions will be offered. Separate registration is required for each session. A child can register for multiple sessions. Space is limited so we ask that you only register for the classes you will attend.

  • Session 1: February 6 - February 22

  • Registration opens Jan 2nd

  • Session 2: February 27 - March 14

  • Registration opens Jan 2nd

  • Session 3: March 19 - April 4

  • Registration opens Feb 26th

  • Session 4: April 9 - April 25

  • Registration opens Mar 19th

  • Session 5: April 30 - May 16

  • Registration opens Apr 9th

  • TIMES: Each session will offer 2 class times. Students can only participate in 1 class time per session. Parents cannot register their child for both class times.

  • 1st Class: 5:00-6:00pm​

  • 2nd Class: 6:00-7:00pm

  • ​LOCATION: Silverado Park Pool (1540 W 32nd St, Long Beach, CA 90810)

  • WAITLIST: A waitlist will be established through the online registration system once the class is full.  Families will be notified they are being moved off the waitlist and into the class via email.

  • Attendance: To remain enrolled, you must have zero (0) unexcused absences, and no more than three (3) excused absences

The class is taught by our very own Long Beach Lifeguards, and focuses on preparing prospective new junior guards for the swim tryout. The goal of the class and the tryout requirement is to swim 100 yards in under two minutes (or 100 meters in under 2:13.2 minutes). Swimming is an important part of lifeguarding and as such, swimming is also an important part of our Junior Lifeguard program. We want all our junior guards to feel comfortable and strong in the water. We highly encourage you to consider signing up for the prep class if your child will be a new junior guard and...

  • is not already involved in a swim program during the months preceding the JG program.

  • is already involved in a swim program but would benefit from further individualized instruction and repetition.

If you know of a friend or family member planning on signing up for the JG program this year, please feel free to share this email with them and encourage them to sign up for our email list (linked here). 

For more information about the JG Prep Class and Junior Lifeguard program please visit the "Prep Class" page and follow us on social media (Instagram: @longbeachjgs). Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for another email about 2024 Summer Program Registration dates and deadlines!

Happy Holidays,

The LBJG Team

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