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June 24th-August 2nd

*registration is now closed


How to Become a JG?

The Long Beach Junior Lifeguard program requires all prospective Junior Guards pass the LBJG swim test BEFORE registering for the summer program. The JG program offers a FREE prep class to help JGs reach that time standard. This class is optional and free to register. You can learn more about the prep class by clicking the button below.

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Do you know someone interested in joining the LBJG program, but feeling nervous about passing the swim test? Prep Class is a great opportunity for prospective new JGs to improve their swimming stroke, speed, and confidence in the water.

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Feel like you're missing out on important JG information? Check out our new "Announcements" page for all the up-to-date information! All of our emails will be posted on this page.


The Junior Lifeguard and Lifeguard recruitment teams are looking for more opportunities to spread the word about our programs! Send us an email if you know of any events we can attend! 

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